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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Making Fun of People With Diseases is Hilarious.... Said No One Ever

While Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin are the focal point of Saturday Night Live these days, the famous comedy show is getting a lot of feedback from the diabetic community this week.

The show is accessible here, but I have not watched in years. I first saw the clip in question posted by the Diabetic Journey on Facebook. I am not easily offended, but this clip is pretty offensive for diabetics everywhere.

They were trying to take a stab at McDonald's but sadly, it is our autoimmune blessed children that are the butt of such jokes. And many Type 2s were probably also having a bit of a face to palm moment too.

They highlight that McD's is planning to come out with two sizes of Big Macs... "One for each type of diabetes".  Um.. no.

Really, I am not easily offended, but you would think after the dismissal of a comedian for a comment about Donald Trump's son, they would care about kids and adults with diseases.

There are several Type 1s that felt it was not big deal, but the majority were not amused. Parents of children with Type 1 were definitely not happy. The producers of SNL are probably still going through all their mail.

My take on it... When Victoria Secret's launches a new bra, you never hear any jokes about breast cancer. Of course you wouldn't! How awful and stupid would that be! One, there is no correlation and two, cancer patients do not bring it upon themselves!

Well, you know what... neither did our kids.


  1. Yes i agree. I am not particularly offended by diabetes jokes unless one of tow things are being discussed. 1. Kids, I will never tolerate kids being made fun of. In this case the joke was not on kids so it passed that test. 2. Would the joke teller make fun of another condition in a similar circumstance. This one failed that criteria.

    1. Those are pretty much my two criteria as well

  2. Ouch. Yep that's harsh for kids with Type 1. I find that some conditions are very respected and it's frowned upon to use in an inappropriate way, where as others such as diabetes, schizophrenia and dementia seem to slide into jokes without an issue.

    1. You are right.. I would love to see a social study done on what makes it acceptable for some diseases to fall into that area and not others

  3. Pam, I totally love your analogy of Victoria's Secret bras and breast cancer, and I encourage you to leave that comment with those at SNL! I agree that it's the children with Diabetes who could be so hurt by this off-color humor. I think sometimes we forget that though it may get a laugh, it may be insensitive. Well done you that you are standing up for the Diabetic community.

    1. Thanks Juls. So far my son is not really offended when he hears such jokes. I have seen him look at me for a reaction, and I try not to show one and let him make up his mind.. and usually he'll call them out "that's just stupid"

  4. i admire your activism for diabetes, pam, especially for the children who are struggling to understand and accept their disease. hooray for you!

  5. i admire your activism for diabetes, pam, especially for the children who are struggling to understand and accept their disease. hooray for you!