If you have found this blog, saying Welcome does not really seem appropriate. I know you wish you weren't surfing the internet for diabetes. I felt the same.

A big part of me wishes I were not writing about diabetes, nor did I anticipate to become so opinionated or informed on the subject, but it happened. In 2010, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It wasn't really part of the plan… Correction - it was not part of the plan, but it happened. It is not always easy, but I think we are all doing okay, and I hope we continue to do so.

Why the Middle East? I happen to live in Dubai. I don't think that living in the Middle East makes mine or my son's diabetic experience any more unique or challenging than it does elsewhere in the developed world.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Tips & Tricks

Diabetic Blog week is coming to a close, but that does not mean the writing will likely stop for any of those who participate. One thing we do a lot of through our blogs or groups is share our tips and tricks. New "diabetes hacks" are discovered all the time.. I hate that term, "life hack", but really if there is something I can do to make diabetes management easier, I am on board!

There are probably many things I should site here, but I will focus on two. My first, many may know, but I think it is worth mentioning again. In the iPhone, there is a Health App. It has a section for medical information and emergency contacts. While it is my son with Type 1, I complete this information for both of us. I am not sure if all medical personnel are trained about this, but it could come in handy. To learn how to set this up, visit this link.

My other "hack", that I still haven't perfected is travel. We love to travel and do it a few times a year. But traveling with diabetes is a whole different game. I always over pack in the anticipation of several scenarios.

In this older blog post, What's In My Bag, I share some of my travel prep. It is still relatively the same. This summer I will travel to the US, so I am now looking into TSA Pre Registration. I have not done this before, but I have read others' experience on social media and everything was very positive. I have already purchased our domestic tickets, so fingers crossed we will qualify!


  1. I got waived into a TSApre line a few months ago at O'Hare. Wow was I ever impressed.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of May 16, 2016.

    1. Thanks Rick! Lucky that you were waived! Hopefully you are now in the system and it happens again! I started to sign up yesterday.. I need to make an appointment to go for finger printing when I am in the US.