If you have found this blog, saying Welcome does not really seem appropriate. I know you wish you weren't surfing the internet for diabetes. I felt the same.

A big part of me wishes I were not writing about diabetes, nor did I anticipate to become so opinionated or informed on the subject, but it happened. In 2010, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It wasn't really part of the plan… Correction - it was not part of the plan, but it happened. It is not always easy, but I think we are all doing okay, and I hope we continue to do so.

Why the Middle East? I happen to live in Dubai. I don't think that living in the Middle East makes mine or my son's diabetic experience any more unique or challenging than it does elsewhere in the developed world.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Catching Up!

I cannot believe I have not posted anything since the end of February, but then again I can. It gets like that early in the year. Super busy managing a large, annual event. The work is all consuming, and then before you know it, Bam! Dubai Spring has passed and it is May!

A lot has happened since then, and a lot hasn't. We still have Type 1 keeping us grounded - our constant. Our Zen.

I still perfect my art to think like a pancreas and predict blood sugar while balancing a tight rope, juggling fire balls as I whip up the perfect soufflé.

Armed with information, some days I still feel like I need a magic 8 ball when the school nurses ask me how they should bolus at the next blood sugar check. As awesome as they are, even the three of us cannot crack the code sometimes. No two diabetics are alike, and for the same diabetic, no two days are alike!

I continue my open door policy around advocacy and education. Just last week someone asked me why I had not tried homeopathy or ayruvedic medicine to help with my son's diabetes. It was a naive question. This person had good intentions. However, she asked me if I was afraid of alternative medicine.

Ha! Little did she know I am a huge fan of acupuncture. Despite our life with needles we hate, the irony of how relaxing other needles are is crazy. What I do fear is the reality of sending my child quickly into DKA if I actually took him off insulin and relied on an alternative treatment.

So for all of you following me that post your latest and greatest cure in my Twitter and Instagram account with your cute cat pictures, I am not falling for it. Be sure if there were a homeopathic cure for Type 1, we would not all be reading this now, would we?

Between the crazy questions, the compliments still make me very proud. The latest was about how well adjusted my son is. He is only eight, and was diagnosed so young he did not have a life "before" that he remembers. This has enabled us to be matter of fact about diabetes and just get on with it. Which is what I love about him. Diabetes just is. Yes, we have our challenges, but we deal with it. It does not stop him, and I am not planning to let that become a thought.

We are also learning about new ground in the social scene with D. For example, some mild bullying at school. It is heartbreaking to watch as a parent, but sadly these things could happen even without D. Life's lessons are not always fun.

I am still advocating and educating, and there are developments in things to come that are much bigger than this blog! Those will come in due course as they say. But who are they anyway?

For now I leave you with these few catch up thoughts. I look forward to being back on track, and with Diabetic Blog Week just around the corner it will be a great kick start. I am excited to participate again this year. If you keep a diabetic blog, or wish to follow the posts and discussion, you can find out more at Bitter Sweet.

Karen Graffeo who runs Bitter Sweet started this a few years ago and it is such a cool way to bring the DOC together. It is a great way to connect and share experiences. I always discover the coolest people and their blogs that I would not have found otherwise! I am also always challenged to put out a post every day - but challenged in the good way that I need to be.

So on that note, I leave you with a cute cat picture. A cat sleeping on what else? - A cat puzzle of course.

This one offers no random cure, and she has diabetes herself. Type 2. She is doing well, and I have even impressed her vet at my amazing ability to adjust her insulin needs correctly according to her weight. I can't imagine where I got that idea from!


  1. Before many people in my part of the world understood acupuncture, someone asked my mom about it (mom was a type 1 in the 60's). So she came home from work and looked it up. She was perplexed. Yes she told her friend, she took 4 shots a day. :)

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of May 2, 2016.

    1. Thank you Rick! Really honored - a lot of great stuff in TU!