If you have found this blog, saying Welcome does not really seem appropriate. I know you wish you weren't surfing the internet for diabetes. I felt the same.

A big part of me wishes I were not writing about diabetes, nor did I anticipate to become so opinionated or informed on the subject, but it happened. In 2010, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It wasn't really part of the plan… Correction - it was not part of the plan, but it happened. It is not always easy, but I think we are all doing okay, and I hope we continue to do so.

Why the Middle East? I happen to live in Dubai. I don't think that living in the Middle East makes mine or my son's diabetic experience any more unique or challenging than it does elsewhere in the developed world.

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Please note: This blog does not give medical advice. I am opinionated, and I share my experiences, but the first rule of diabetes is to follow up with your doctor and/or nurse educator about your care, diagnosis or medication. If you do not have a medical practitioner that is helping you find your way through this crazy world, then do not give up until you find the right one.

Friday, December 18, 2015


I was going through some pictures today and I came across this one of my son. I took this just one month after his diagnosis. 

He was so small - around 20 months old. When I look at children that age I still find it hard to believe he was that young. 

We have come so far since that time. I think I only got his pump the day before I took this - I didn't even have it in a pump pack yet as you can see. I was for sure not sleeping, incredibly worried, scared and then some. Fast forward to today, he will be 8 next month. 

He is a happy, and pretty healthy 8 year old that is growing up with T1. For those who are new to this diagnosis: It will be ok. It will be quite a ride. You will learn a lot and sometimes it won't be easy, but it will be ok....

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