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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Amount of Healthy Eating Will Cure a Type 1 !!!

Unfortunate but true.  Yes, it will help us manage, but there is no cure.

As I was searching for new recipes, I came across a a beautiful website promoting a healthy lifestyle.  The woman promoting this and her products claims she cured herself from cancer by just food.  However, reading the bio, it sounded like she still did a full course of chemo, but I wasn't there so I'm not judging.

I did see an advertisement for a video about curing diabetes - both Type 2 and Type 1!!  Now I am judging. False claims just drive me crazy.  I wrote a comment.  It is currently being moderated, so I do not know if it will make the cut, but I wanted to share what I wrote.

Regarding the comment about Type 1 diabetes.  It is not on this web page, and most likely not referenced in the video, I assume. I hope not. 

However, the page within <insert company name> that brought me to this video made the claim they can reverse Type 1 and Type 2.  Type 2, I get.  Type 1... We should talk.  

My son is a Type 1.  I grew up with parents that lived organically and exercised long before it was cool and the billion dollar industry it is. I always exercised, pretty much ate healthy, and did so when I was pregnant, breast fed my son, made his baby food from products that were organic.  And guess what, at 20 months old he was diagnosed with Type 1. We have no family history. 

There is so much that is unknown about the cause of Type 1, but you will see that people from all cultures and walks of life and lifestyles are getting this disease.  Be sure no amount of green, healthy eating is going to cure my son or any other Type 1.  If it did, I would be funneling the green juice I have every morning into his little 6 year old body.  Type 1 is auto-immune and the body destroys the pancreas.  Why that is, we do not know for sure. Great theories exist, but not completely finalized.  

I genuinely like this site and the recipes and lifestyle suggestion as many people will benefit from eating better. However my heart broke a little when you claimed you can cure Type 1 as that just is not true.  Visions of parents with newly diagnosed kids, or newly diagnosed Type 1s that are desperately looking for a cure filled my head and heart.  

I will still consider to try the amazing gluten free bread recipe you shared on your site as it sounds wonderful.  For the new year, I hope you will consider rewording your claim on curing Type 1 as it completely takes away credibility from your site, organization and mission.

Pam, Type 1 Advocate

If you come across such nonsense on the internet, I suggest you do the same. We are more powerful in numbers and can definitely save new Type 1's from loosing time with false claims.

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