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A big part of me wishes I were not writing about diabetes, nor did I anticipate to become so opinionated or informed on the subject, but it happened. In 2010, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It wasn't really part of the plan… Correction - it was not part of the plan, but it happened. It is not always easy, but I think we are all doing okay, and I hope we continue to do so.

Why the Middle East? I happen to live in Dubai. I don't think that living in the Middle East makes mine or my son's diabetic experience any more unique or challenging than it does elsewhere in the developed world.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

What Goes Up Must Come Down

What is my diabetic mantra?… good question.. I think it changes often.

After experiencing a couple of DKAs, and stubborn insertion sites that have tried my patience, I have often resorted to the What goes up, must come down mantra, and the song Spinning Wheels plays in my head often.  

I don't sing this out loud for my son, nor do I even say it, but it is in my head.  A gentle reminder to my impatient, frustrated internal mind.

I just take a deep breath, and know that eventually, the number will come down to something acceptable… And if it doesn't come down, I pop the analogous blood sugar balloon with an injection to ensure it does.

Another thing I always remind myself is that it could be much, much worse.  As I have 3 friends facing different kinds of cancers right now.  We have Type 1 Diabetes - we've won the lottery.

I experienced this observation early on in my son's diagnosis and it was a life changing day for me.  I wrote about it in the post Perspective

At the end of the day, I don't always have one go to mantra.  I try to take it one day at a time and reach for whatever mantra will get me through that day.

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